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About Ben

My life path has always been connected to people. Thirty years ago I sat down with my typewriter and started typing letters to folks because I wanted to coach kids.


I became a teacher who had a special mission for kids. I had a simple belief system; leave them better for knowing me. I needed to provide for my family so I started a lawn business as well and it exploded. I stepped away from teaching and started my own youth sports organization called More Than Athletes. While it grew to be one of the largest basketball organizations in Kansas City, my biggest blessing was reaching into the lives of families. I used my organization to reach out to families of all socio-economic backgrounds.


I gave presentations to thousands of kids and parents about what is really important in the game of life. I am now moving towards a new audience as I travel the country inspiring others to live the life they were meant to live.

- Ben Keech
Ben giving a speech

Ben's Talks

Ben walking across stage in front of drums

Corporate Keynote

Leading Through Burnout

In a presentation filled with humor and real life stories, Ben articulates how we are all leaders who experience different levels of burnout. The exciting part is there is hope. The path is clear and you will walk away from this keynote with clear action steps to get back to your beginning when you were inspired and energetic!

Education Keynote

Connection and Perspective with an ounce of Courage changes lives

Your heart and mind will be moved in this dynamic presentation that brings the most important life principles to help you change student's lives by transforming your teaching style to be filled with the principles that you had when you began your teaching journey.

Ben speaking to audience a
Ben speaking to audience

Life-changing Keynote

Boys to Men: Our world depends on it

When you mention the words, "father" or "husband", we all have an internal reaction. This presentation is personal, provocative, and most importantly meant to give perspective on what we all need. Men who are wiling to lead. Men who are willing to connect. Men who are willing to fight for what is most important in their lives. Regardless of your gender, this presentation will stir something inside of you to change for the betterment of everyone. 

Brian Faust Testimonial Picture

Brian Faust

Ben has a way of connecting that is very authentic- He has great advice, is a fantastic speaker, and his stories and lessons are relevant to every person in any audience.
Jonathan testimonial picture

Jonathan Douglas

Ben has the ability to take the complex, unpack it and make it relatable and easy to understand.
Andrea Clauder testimonial picture

Andrea Clauder

Something about the way Ben presents showed me how much he cares. He really wants people to live their best and most productive lives.
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