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Unlock the power of your potential with personalized coaching sessions tailored just for you. As a dedicated mentor, I'm here to guide you on your journey to reclaiming your best self. With years of experience and a passion for serving others, I specialize in empowering men to reach new heights in their lives.


When you book time with me, you're not just getting advice – you're gaining a partner who is committed to your success. Together, we'll explore your challenges and uncover the pathways to overcome them. Whether it's navigating relationships, parenting, or personal growth, I'm equipped to provide the support and guidance you need.

Need help deciding what plan is best for you?



The call to your most courageous life

This package takes a specific problem and attacks it head-on. I get the background, understand why it is a problem, and then we get to the action steps immediately.


The nice part of this is we maximize every minute but you have control over the timing of the 30 minute calls. 

This call includes one free call with Ben followed by 5 follow-up calls with Ben. 

This call includes one free call with Ben followed by

5 follow-up calls

with Ben

Total : $379.00


Getting your life back

6 Month Long


Total : $150.00/Month

This package includes three twenty-minute calls per month. 

This package adds the time element. So instead of focusing on a specific problem, we can now delve into the complete picture.


In the Bronze package, we may focus on what’s going wrong with dating but in the Silver package, we can get into all components surrounding relationships and look at the big picture while getting specific action steps

30-minute call once a week- 52 calls

I will journal each call and provide summaries of action steps and things we discussed for the entire year so you will have a tangible takeaway.

This package ensures we are walking out of your life together. I am your lifeline. I am your biggest asset of unbiased thoughts and opinions so that you can let me into your world consistently and together we discover your path that is healthy and empowering

1 year 


Total: $239.00/Month 


Time can heal

Need help deciding what plan is best for you?


Gold Plus


This package will include the "Gold" package. We will outline and start the process of writing you a "book" about your life and accomplishments.


You will have a tangible takeaway from our talks. This book will be your biography of the past, present, and future.


Your future generations will love to read about your life journey. Inspiring them and creating the most powerful life. 

Total : $2,850.00 + $200.00/Month 

Are you in the Kansas City area?

Now Offering: Beer, Bro, & a Bar 

This package is a unique opportunity to grab a burger and a beer and meet in person.


The idea of this is a 90-minute dinner or lunch but doesn’t have to be so strict on the time. We will meet six times of your choosing. The scope of what is discussed is in your hands but my job will be to help you solve problems and develop an action plan that improves your emotional health.

BONUS: Ben Buys Beer & Meal!

Total : $879.00

This package is what we call phone a friend.


You need me. Let’s hop on a 30-minute call.


This can be a one-time deal or you can purchase a package deal but just know, regardless of the topic, I got you! 

Ben's Brain


One call- $68

Three calls- $168

Six calls- $379

Twelve calls- $588

If after the first call you would like to upgraded to a package, let our team know.

Parenting, Relationship Advice & Life Path  

Our Lives 

If we’re being honest, life can be exhausting. Why? Because far too many of us are fighting for something we don’t want, need, or even understand. That truth is something I learned from my mom.


On her tombstone, it was inscribed “Light the light-fight the fight.” Adhering to this simple truth has changed everything. It has allowed me to clearly understand what I wanted out of life, and how to go get it. Which allowed for all my hard work to bear fruit, rather than exhaustion.

That’s what I want for you. For your efforts not to be wasted.

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